Electrocardiogram ‌• Exercise ECG and spiroergometry ‌• Long-term ECG (12-channel lead as needed) ‌• Heart rate variability ‌• Long-term blood pressure monitoring • Swimming telemetry ‌• Cardiac X-ray diagnosis ‌• Color Doppler echocardiography ‌• 3D echocardiography ‌• Transesophageal echocardiography ‌ • Stress echocardiography‌ • Spirometry‌ • Sleep apnea screening‌ • Color coded duplex sonography and Doppler sonography (vascular) ‌• Clinical-chemical & hematological lab analysis ‌• Sports-physiological performance diagnostic (lactate determinatio)


Electrophysiological diagnosis and therapy:

Cardiac pacemaker and ICD checks with differentiated therapy adjustment including biventricular systems ‌• Optimized programming of resynchronization systems (under 3D echocardiography) ‌• Determination of cardiac arrhythmia by programmed electrical stimulation ‌• Electrocardioversion of atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter ‌


In collaboration with other facilities: Heart catheter examination ‌• Nuclear-cardiological examination ‌• Spiral CT and magnetic resonance imaging of the heart ‌ • Invasive electrophysiological examination ‌• Cardiac pacemaker and ICD implantations including biventricular systems ‌• Dialysis treatment.